Portraits – Natalie – San Francisco, CA

I got a call from a dear friend asking for a photo for her new job. We had been talking about doing one for a while, but could never find a time when we were both ready. This time, however, she needed one immediately that day. Okay… no problem! We found a nice window, I crammed myself against the wall opposite her (pressed up against a fire alarm) and this was one of the very first frames I shot. It’s one of my favorites. There are some things I would change about the framing and the lighting but unfortunately we were a little pressed for time.

Portrait Natalie San Francisco Photography

I like this second one too! The lighting is a little softer and the shadows aren’t so dark so there is a different vibe going on, but there is still also something in the expression that is very cool and intriguing to me.

Portrait Natalie San Francisco Photography 2