Hannah – At Home – FaceTime Portrait

Part of a personal project taking portraits of choristers.

Young Women’s Chorus member and graduating senior, Hannah. Taken during quarantine over FaceTime.

The time I’ve spent with the Young Women’s Chorus has been invaluable. No matter how many years I’ve come back to sing with the chorus, the wonder and excitement of being among so many genuine, passionate, and committed singers has never faded. The community I’ve found at YWC is truly unique; nowhere else have I felt so constantly loved and cared for, and so empowered to do the same for those around me.

The recent shelter-in-place period has made me realize just how special and powerful it is to sing together. There is indescribable beauty in the moments when the harmonies finally click and the separate parts fit just right, a beauty that we unfortunately can’t quite recreate over Zoom… However, as difficult as it has been to adapt to this new situation at times, YWC gives me unwavering hope for the future. I have hope knowing that our music can always find a way to stay alive and flowing, even if that means logging onto a call instead of signing in with the front desk.

After so many years with YWC, I can’t imagine stepping into my next chapter of life without music. Though I remain unsure about many aspects of my future, I know that the healing and comfort of singing with YWC will always stay with me, and inspire me to continue sharing messages and stories through song


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