Sarah – New York – Greenwich Village

san francisco chorister photography tour

Part of a personal project while on tour in New York. Has singing in a choir affected you in a similar way?

Young Women’s Chorus charter member and graduating senior Sarah. Photo taken in Greenwich Village.

“Singing with the Young Women’s Chorus these past six years has been an invaluable experience that I know will continue to shape my life long after I leave the chorus. No words can express how thankful I am to have learned and performed such renowned and challenging repertoire at a professional level in venues all around the world.

I have learned that choral performance goes far beyond mastering a piece of music; the most rewarding part of choir is our ability to connect with entire communities, across language barriers, using nothing more than a piano and our own voices. During one particular concert in an old church in a remote German hamlet, I noticed several men with tears running down their cheeks. Our free concert that evening, it seemed, was a gift graciously received. It touched me to no end to see how deeply our music had affected them. The concert we gave in that packed German church was by no means the splashiest production we’d ever put on, but it was the most moving and meaningful.”

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