Sonia – France – Paris

Part of a personal project taking portraits of choristers.

Young Women’s Chorus member and graduating senior, Sonia. Taken on tour in Paris.

I have been a part of YWCP for almost a decade. The organization has accompanied me throughout my childhood, teaching me how to extend compassion, find inner confidence, and gain a concrete set of beliefs. YWCP is transformational: it uses music as a vehicle for spreading love, hope and happiness throughout the world. I have seen this effect on both its singers and the people who come to listen to us: whether it be audience members during our holiday concerts, a group of young children in Kliptown, South Africa, professional musicians at the SF Symphony, or (most importantly) the members of the chorus, YWCP has created a space where anyone looking for joy can find it through music. My journey with YWCP showed me that this place is so much more than just an organization dedicated to making music: it’s a place where young singers are able to figure out who they are and how they can contribute to the world by exploring their voices through music.



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